5 Things Only Collectors Would Understand

Published on: July 20, 2017

It Takes A Sports Collector To Understand These 5 Things

Whether your collection takes up three different rooms in your house, or just a few shelves, you likely have a passion for the pieces of memorabilia that you collect. It’s a feeling that not everyone understands, though. But other collectors understand, and at BallQube, we do too. So take a look at the five things that only true collectors would understand about the lifestyle.

1. Buyer’s Remorse

But we don’t mean buyer’s remorse in the common usage. The buyer’s remorse that collectors feel is saved for the items they didn’t buy. The classic “one that got away” may in this case be an autographed baseball that they were outbid on. Not everyone has unlimited funds to sling around, but you always wonder, “What if I had just gone a little higher…?” It’s probably best you didn’t take out that second mortgage, but still.

2. The Random Sports Memorabilia Facts

Most collectors are a font of random knowledge on their subject. You don’t get into collecting without an interest in the subject at hand, and that interest only grows over time. You have to know why you want a piece of memorabilia, right? How else are you going to impress upon your wife the importance of having that hockey puck signed by Gretzky? “Honey, he has so many assists he’d still be the all-time points leader even if he had never scored a goal.” Point, you.

3. The Display Is Half The Point

Any collector worth their salt wants to keep their collection protected from the elements—as well as other people. But most collectors also love to show off their collections. Otherwise you end up sitting in a room by yourself, slowly turning into the Gollum of sports memorabilia. Sure, the collection is precious to them, but they also want to share it with others.

4. Getting Nervous About Your Collections Safety

So you may have your collection safely tucked away in display cases, but every now and then you’ll probably get something down off the wall or the mantle to show a friend or relative. This is a pulse-pounding moment in many cases. Are you really handing over your autographed Mickey Mantle ball to your nephew? Has he washed his hands recently? How’s his grip? You want to share your collection, you really do. It’s just, sometimes you worry.

5. That Moment When You Realize How Big Your Collection Really Is

There isn’t a defined amount of memorabilia that distinguishes a small collection from a big collection. But there’s always a moment when you step back, look at the collection that you’ve amassed, and suddenly realize you’re the owner of a pretty big collection. It’s a moment of pride, awe, and wonder. If you haven’t experienced it yet, don’t worry. You’ve still got plenty of collecting left to do!

Collecting is a great hobby, but it can take time and dedication to build up to a great collection. Keep that collection safe from dirt, dust, and even UV rays with BallQube cases— the clearest, most durable cases on the market.