Why BallQube Cases Beat Out the Competition Every Time

Published on: October 6, 2017

Benefits of BallQube Sports Cases

We know your customers have options when it comes to how they display their sports memorabilia. When it comes to quality, design choices, and style, BallQube is the best choice. BallQube cases are great looking, yet subtle enough not to take away from the memorabilia they display.

BallQube got its start back in 1983 while two accountants were watching the Orioles play the Phillies in the World Series. They were determined to create a case that would solve space issues for memorabilia collectors. After sketching out a design on a cocktail napkin, they realized that a square case could be stacked in columns and rows, saving tons of space. BallQube cases are designed to be stacked however you like, and you can get them in dimensions that will fit anything from baseballs to 1:24 scale race cars.

Locally Made Display Cases

Our cases are made right here in the United States. There aren’t many other sports display case companies that can say that. Sports display cases are commonly made in countries like China, Taiwan, or Costa Rica. BallQube supports U.S. business and manufacturing which means lower shipping costs and faster order delivery for you and your customers!

Premium Display Case Choices

Here at BallQube we understand that there are many choices when it comes to how your customers display their sports memorabilia. BallQube is unique from the competition because our cases are crystal clear, letting your customers have the best view of their memorabilia. Our cases are made with higher quality materials and provide extra features like UV protection to prevent colors and autographs from fading.

We also have a variety of sports case sizes and styles available that are sure to meet your customers’ needs. BallQube cases are easily stackable and can fit baseballs, footballs, basketballs, jerseys, hockey sticks, baseball bats, helmets, and more.

It’s Official

Yes, that’s right, BallQube is the Official Display of Sport! Plus, our baseball cases are the perfect dimensions to hold an official baseball. Baseballs must meet certain size specifications so we designed our cases to fit them perfectly. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all case and this means your customers’ memorabilia can shine without the distraction of an imperfect case.

We’re Original

BallQube invented and patented the square two-piece sports display case, making us the first in the sports display case business. Until the invention of the cube-shaped case, all that was available to display baseballs was a globe on a gold stand. Ken Rogers and John Graham saw the need for something better and created it, solving the problem of what to do with sports memorabilia that’s taking over your space.

There is no company that is as passionate about sports memorabilia as BallQube. Your customers can save a huge amount of space by having their sports memorabilia neatly stacked rather than taking over areas of the house better used for other things.

Check out our large selection of display cases online or contact us for more information about how we can partner with you to get BallQube into the hands of your customers.