BallQube Protects Memorabilia from Vampires and Zombies

Published on: October 26, 2017

Halloween is just around the corner, but there’s still time to make sure all your memorabilia is well-protected before the vampires and zombies come knocking on your door. If it’s a particularly stormy night, you may find that some vampires show up at your door, looking for a ball they can use to play vampire baseball, a game made famous by the movie Twilight. And while zombies are likely more interested in hunting than baseball, it doesn’t hurt to keep all your memorabilia well protected.

The best way to protect your memorabilia collection from Halloween creatures like vampires or zombies is to put it into cases. As an added bonus, a great case will protect your memorabilia from everyday wear and tear as well. Protecting your memorabilia in cases is also a great way to keep your treasures on display, and makes arranging and cleaning your collection super simple. Our cases are square, making them easy to stack – which means it’s also easy to find more room to add to your collection.

When it comes to protecting your memorabilia from wear and tear or creatures of the night, BallQube is second to none. While our two-piece, sturdy cases were created with baseballs in mind, we make cases large enough to house a 1:24 scale race car and a full size football helmet. Our premium cases are manufactured in the United States – which is unusual in an industry where most of the manufacturing is done in China, Taiwan, or Costa Rica. Because our cases are made locally, this means reduced shipping charges for you and less time waiting for your case to arrive – which is important when monsters are lurking right outside your door.

We all know that the only thing on a zombie’s mind is food! If you find a zombie rummaging around your home, looking for its next meal – run! You know your collection will be safe inside their BallQube cases.

BallQube cases are crystal clear, ensuring the best view of your memorabilia. If a vampire does come knocking on your door this Halloween, he is sure to be jealous of the UV protection our cases provide. You can rest assured that, unlike vampires, a bit of sunlight is not going to be a problem for your memorabilia. UV protection helps prevent autographs and colors from fading, making BallQube perfect for protecting all kinds of treasures.

BallQube wishes you and your family a fun and safe Halloween this year. If you’re taking your kids trick-or-treating, stay safe by crossing the street where there are crosswalks or traffic lights and carry a flashlight or glow stick or add a piece of reflective tape to costumes. It’s always a good idea to stick to neighborhoods you know and inspect candy for tampering. Remember to watch out for those vampires and zombies!

Are you ready for the creatures of the night this Halloween? If you do have a collection that’s the envy of all vampires and zombies, be sure to display and protect it with BallQube premium sports display cases. Contact us today to find the right case for your display needs.