Celebrating The Culture Of Collecting

Published on: May 11, 2017

Here at BallQube, we understand that collecting is about much more than just trying to find and own as many “things” as possible. Collecting is a genuine pastime that excites and enlivens people from all walks of life. You’d be amazed at how many people you know have some sort of collection that they’ve been putting together over the years.

Collecting is a great way to keep an active and inquisitive mind busy, and it’s really about sharing, not hoarding the great items that end up in a collection.

For one thing, collecting often inspires a quest for knowledge, and a respect for history. Many people find that the more they collect, the more interested they become in the subject. That ends up leading to mastery or command of a subject matter, which is great for your self-confidence and self-esteem.

And that makes collecting a great hobby for kids as well as adults. Children can gain a sense of autonomy by knowing more than the average kid, or even adult, when it comes to a certain subject. Their collection becomes a point of pride that helps boost self-esteem when they need it most.

Not only can a childhood collection become a lifelong hobby, but it can even lead to a career, or help a young adult decide where their interests lie. A childhood spent collecting baseball cards might lead to a career as a sports journalist, or an avid rock collector might find their calling as a geologist. Or maybe their interests change as they get older—that’s all part of the experience!

As for older collectors, the culture of collecting can inspire new enthusiasms and interests that may have been dormant or simply unnoticed. And those interests can lead to new friendships and social circles that you may have never otherwise been acquainted with.

Many people who get into collecting a specific type of item find helpful and friendly communities waiting for them online, and then later on in the real world.

And collecting is even good for your brain. Collecting can help with pattern recognition, observational skills, and organizational thinking—all key components of building and displaying a great collection.

Those collections can even inspire creativity and artistic vision in their collectors. Many people find that they’re inspired to create by the sight of a visually or emotionally stimulating object. Beautiful or meaningful collections have a way of triggering this kind of creativity in many people.

So if you don’t have a collection of your own, then maybe it’s time to start! Even if you don’t have a clue about what you’d like to collect, just examine your interests and start there. Stamps, coins, guitars, antique cookie jars—the choices are practically endless.

If you do end up deciding you’d like to collect sports memorabilia, then you’ll want some crystal clear, durable cases to hold and display that collection. So check out the selection at BallQube for the highest quality display cases you’ll find anywhere.