Creative Decorating Ideas For Collectors

Published on: July 7, 2017
collector decor

If you’ve been building a memorabilia collection for a while now, then you know the dilemma that you face. Namely, how to organize your collection into a respectable looking display. Just letting things pile up in a corner of the den isn’t ideal, and it certainly isn’t doing anything for your room’s aesthetic.

At BallQube, we know a thing or two about organizing memorabilia. It’s what we’ve been doing since our founding. With that in mind, we thought we’d bring you some creative ideas for decorating and organizing your collection.

Crown The Room With Smaller Items

This is a good strategy for both looks and practical reasons. If your collection takes up multiple walls, then the way you arrange it will have a huge effect on how it looks. Smaller items like framed cards or baseballs can go anywhere. So try placing them in a ring around the entire room, just under where the ceiling meets the walls. If you have enough cards, balls, bats, or other memorabilia to complete the circuit, it will have an impressive effect.

Use The Stairway

Stairways are traditionally underutilized when it comes to decorating, because people are moving through them quickly, not sitting and staring. Usually a couple framed photos on the landing is about all that you’ll find. However, you can use this to your advantage if you have a lot of framed, flat memorabilia like jerseys, baseball cards, or other signed pictures. Try placing them along the wall as you ascend the stairs.

If you do have a landing, leave smaller pieces on the stairs and use the landing to show off bigger objects like jerseys. This works even better if the staircase you choose is leading up or down to your main collection, say, in your finished basement.

Organize By Sport Or City

If you do general sports collecting and don’t stick to just one sport, then you can make a statement by splitting your collection into different subsections. Your first thought might be to go with a wall for baseball, a wall for football, and a third for hockey, but there are other ways to split things up, as well.

Try splitting your collection up by location. Your Mets and Knicks memorabilia can live in one area, while your Pistons and Tigers collectables can have their own wall. The geographical split can provide maximum distinction, and prevent your memorabilia from running together.

Spell Something Out

NYC, STL, TEX, LA—nearly every city or state has a recognizable abbreviation that you can work with. If you’ve become dedicated to a certain type of memorabilia—baseballs, for example—then this idea could work best for you. Choose a wall and begin to arrange your collection in the shape of your favorite city’s letters. You can do this by putting up some creative shelving, hanging pictures in the shape, or by stacking up cases of your memorabilia to create the letters.

If you do decide to stack, just know that BallQube’s cases are perfect for the job. They’re built to fit together precisely so that you can stack them and arrange them however you like.