How To Properly Care For Your Autographed Ball

Published on: May 4, 2017

So you finally got your hands on your favorite player’s signature. It took some doing, but you’re now the proud owner of a ball with your idol’s name on it. Congrats! But have you given any thought to how you’ll keep that ball in the condition that it’s in right now? That signature is only going to get more valuable to you as you get older, and now’s the time to start taking care of it.

So check out these great tips for properly caring for your autographed ball.

Don’t Over-Handle It

This can be a tough one, especially for children who are enraptured with their autographed ball. Try to make sure that the ink or sharpie has fully dried on the ball before you let anything touch it. Ballpoint pen signatures on baseballs can last decades, but they can also smudge if you don’t handle them carefully after getting the autograph.

Watch The Temperature

A hot or humid environment can cause a signature to run if it becomes excessive, and it’s simply not a good idea to store your ball anywhere the temperature exceeds 75 degrees or 50% humidity. So it’s not in your best interest to toss it in a box in the attic, even if you think you don’t have room to display it somewhere else in your house. You’d also do well not to place it in a basement that tends to get damp, as the moisture can damage not only the signature, but the ball itself.

Case It Up

The best way to protect your ball from damage is to get a display case for it. A well-made display case will both protect your ball and enhance its appeal when you display it. Even if your favorite player turns out to have a not-so-stellar career, you’ll still be able to display the ball in a dignified, rather than haphazard, manner. You’re probably familiar with the fact that balls tend to roll. Whether it’s a baseball, a tennis ball, or a football, placing it gently on the mantle doesn’t ensure that it isn’t going anywhere. A durable display case does.

Protect It From Light

A lot of people forget about this one, simply because the effects happen gradually over time. If you leave your ball in front of the window for a day, nothing bad is going to happen. But over the course of months or years, UV light can fade away that autograph that you worked so hard for. But again, that doesn’t mean you need to toss it in the attic or tuck it away in a basement corner. When you buy a display case, simply look for cases that come with UV protection. Think of it like sunscreen for your autographed ball.

If you’ve finally got an autograph that you’re proud of and want to display, then make sure you take the steps to protect that signature. At BallQube, we offer the highest quality cases for your ball, whatever type it is. UV protection, durable construction, and stackable cases mean that you’re getting the best protection possible with a BallQube display case.