UV Protected Grandstand Baseball Display Case

Baseball collectors know this is the baseball case to protect their most precious autographed balls.  BallQube’s BASEBALL DISPLAY CASE with UV PROTECTION protects autographs from harmful ultra violet light.  The clear, built-in stand elevates the ball for a striking stature.  We designed our case to securely display a baseball meeting the specifications of the Official Major League Baseball (between 9″ and 9.25″ circumference).  You can lock it on the sweet spot with BallQube’s design which securely fits up to a 9.25″ circumference baseball.  Stylized baseball diamond corners provide a stacking mechanism.  Our UV cases are laboratory tested to block 98% of UV light. [SKU 101GSUV] [6-PACK UPC: 026028101819] [12-PACK UPC: 026028101826]

Product Dimensions
Length: 2.88"Width: 2.88"Height: 2.88"

Price: $23.37$69.48