Is there anything better than October baseball? Let the postseason begin!


It all started back on a cold October evening in 1983.

The Orioles were playing the Phillies in the World Series that year, and Ken Rogers and his buddy John Graham were having a few beers and watching a game. John mentioned over the course of the evening that his wife was starting to let him know about her displeasure over his autographed baseball collection.

The collection itself wasn’t the problem. The problem was that the baseballs were slowly taking over every inch of the den. John only had round globe holders to protect his autographed baseballs, and while they worked, they each needed their own space. That meant John’s hundreds of balls simply couldn’t be kept neatly. If he couldn’t figure out a better way to display them, they were headed for the auction house.

John needed a way to display his collection that would save space, as well as protect the baseballs. So the two friends set out on a quest to build the best case possible for his treasured baseballs. What they ended up with would change the way people all over the country protect their memorabilia.

John and Ken were both accountants, meaning they spent a lot of time thinking about rows and columns. That night during the World Series game, they had a flash of inspiration: why not bring the rows and columns into the collecting world?

In fact, cube-shaped cases could be stacked in those rows and columns, saving an enormous amount of space. One spot on the mantle could now hold several times as many balls.

They sketched out their two-piece idea for a case on a paper napkin, and just like that, the BallQube was born.
Soon afterwards, Ken and John decided to leave behind the numbers game and devote themselves to making their dream a reality. They made prototypes and began taking them to baseball conventions and shows around the country. It was just another chapter in the American dream-quit your job, start a business from the ground up, and pursue your passion against all odds.

Collectors across the country quickly realized the superior logic and quality behind the BallQube cases. As the operation grew larger, Ken started looking to bring the manufacturing in-house, and has kept BallQube cases American-made since their inception in 1983. In fact, we’ve stayed in Texas since the very beginning, even recycling machines from an old Ford plant in Detroit to use in making the cases.

As years went by, the second generation of the Rogers family joined the team, adding BallQube to the long history of multi-generational family businesses in the U.S. Baseball, football, basketball, hockey-almost every sport you can imagine-are deeply rooted in tradition, with the experienced elders passing down wisdom, and memorabilia, to the young. We pass it all down: the stories, the legends, and the collections. And we’re here to help you preserve your memories for all those years to come.

Today, we’re still living our family’s American dream, and providing sports lovers with the quality cases and service they deserve.

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