The 10 Funniest Dad Instagrammers Every Parent Should Be Following

Published on: April 21, 2017

You may remember your dad making what we’d refer to today as “dad jokes” when you were growing up, but could you imagine if he were on Instagram today? Luckily, you don’t have to imagine it. Dads of all sorts are taking to Instagram to share their funny fatherhood stories.

There are a ton of funny Instagram accounts run by dads, but here are 10 of our favorites.

1. Father of Daughters

Follow Simon Hooper, the proud dad of four daughters, as he navigates the everyday adventures of parenting all four. Honest and hilarious, this is a must follow for parents of young children.

2. Nate Robinson

The point guard loves blending strange Instagram filters with goofy photos of his kids and funny memes. It’s a fun and playful look inside the life of a father in the NBA.

3. Fashion Dads

Okay, so it technically isn’t one dad, but this deserves to make the list. The account posts funny pictures of dads in quintessential dad outfits, and it’s absolutely worth your time.

4. Benjamin Travis

Benjamin Travis is a dad who works from home while raising three young daughters and documenting many of their moments together on Instagram. Certainly worth a follow for the relatable and often humorous posts.

5. How To Be A Dad

The Instagram account associated with is just as hilarious and relatable as the website. You’ll find all the dad-based humor you need right here.

6. Kevin Blankenship

Do you like pancakes? Do you like art? Then you’ll love this account full of pancake art. It started while Kevin was making pancakes for his two young sons, and it’s become an oddly beautiful and often funny account.

7. James Breakwell

Four daughters and a pet pig make appearances in this Instagram account, along with funny illustrations by James. If you happen to be a dad with daughters, or just like cute photos, this is a great one to follow.

8. Beleafmel

There are plenty of pictures of Beleaf’s cute kids, as well as uniquely humorous videos and pictures to keep you entertained here.

9. Tom Curtis

Things I Have Drawn is the hilarious Instagram account that follows the drawings of Tom’s young son Dom. Tom takes the drawings and recreates them in “real life” photos using Photoshop.

10. Chad Johnson

The man also known as Ochocinco is a father and quite funny Instagrammer. He loves meeting fans and playing them in Fifa, and this account rarely disappoints.

At BallQube, we love the dads of Instagram who take the time to document their children as they grow up. After all, we’re all about preserving great memories for later years.