The 7 Best Blogs for Moms of Boys to Follow

Published on: June 20, 2017
moms of boys

There are so many creative, talented mamas out there, ready to share their experiences along with tips, tricks, and ideas that have made parenting an easier journey for them. This means that moms everywhere have the opportunity to plug in easily and learn from other mothers.

These blogs are run (or have articles written) by women who know first-hand what taking care of active, energetic boys round the clock means.

These moms are committed to documenting their journeys; the good, the bad and the tear jerking, and they offer real-time solutions to moms who face the same issues in their everyday lives.

1. Sports Mom Survival Guide

This is one of the most comprehensive blogs you can find for moms with active boys. It covers everything from coaching to clothing, fun activities, celebrating your child’s achievements, recipes, time management and even apps that help make your life a lot easier. There are several helpful categories to help you find everything easily. This blog should be at the top of your list.

2. jbm thinks

This blog is run by Janis, a sports mom whose passion is to help overwhelmed parents support their kids in their sporting activities. She even offers a free book on her blog called “Team Parent Survival Guide” – for anyone needing some tips on handling it all, her site is a gem.

3. Lady and the Blog

If you often find yourself dangerously close to a meltdown, and you need some relaxing ‘me time’, then you need to head to Vera’s blog. She talks about the latest trends in food and style. She also gives helpful tips on things you can do in your free time, and how to score some free time! One of the best parts of her blog is her Reviews page, where she talks about her personal experience with products and services for both moms and kids.

4. The Resourceful Mother

Health and nutrition are always a major concern for parents of very active children. This is why Meredith, a pediatric nutritionist, started her parenting blog, focused specifically on child nutrition. She shares very helpful food and wellness information, along with some personal and motivational notes.

5. Mommy Poppins

This blog provides a comprehensive list of fun activities you can do with your children. It’s also sectioned by regions so you can select your region and see all the kids’ classes, parties and other events close to you. If you’re planning a fun day out for your kids or a birthday party, you should check this blog for amazing options.

6. Family Focus Blog

This blog is all about sharing relatable experiences and giving helpful advice on activities and practices that help to build a united home. Most of its articles talk about family life and how to grow a beautiful relationship with your children.

7. The Taylor House

Using her blog, Chrissy shares all the fun projects and activities that go on in the Taylor house, with her audience. If you need a good resource for DIY ideas and organization hacks, this blog should be at the top of your list. She also shares the personal finance and savings tips she uses, so you can try them out too.

What’s your favorite mom blog? Leave it in the comments below so other mamas can follow it too! While you’re here, check out our collection of unique cases to protect your kids’ memorabilia. There’s a BallQube for every sports item with a story.