The Best Collection Of Them All?

Published on: August 4, 2017

Collectors often look for one very specific type of item, or at least limit their collection in some way. Boundaries are a necessary part of having a collection. Those boundaries define the collection.

There are many, many kinds of collectors, collecting everything from stamps to action figures to Russian nesting dolls. Of course, at BallQube, we’ve always been about sports memorabilia. It’s where our expertise lies, and we’ve met all kinds of collectors along the way.

So how do they stack up? Which collectors have the best stuff? It all depends on your perspective. Here’s how we see it.

Baseball Memorabilia Collectors

The traditionalists in the house. Most people start off collecting baseball cards during childhood, so this is really the logical jump. Baseball collectors have a lot of stands and cases around the house because most of their memorabilia tends to roll around if given half a chance. They’re probably devoted to a team, but don’t discriminate when it comes to finding rare autographs.

Football Memorabilia Collectors

There’s a 100% likelihood that they have a “game room” or some other form of Sunday retreat. Or Saturday retreat. And of course there are those Friday games, too. And now the NFL is putting them on Thursday; I mean no one asked for that, but here we are, you know?

The room is almost certainly decked out in a two-color scheme, and so is most of their memorabilia. Football collectors tend to be more rabid in their support for a single team. They have a pro team and a college team. That is all.

Golf Memorabilia Collectors

Golf collectors have a gigantic TV in their basement and surround sound that makes the announcer’s whisper sound like the roar of the ocean. They take it all in while sitting in the most deluxe recliner you can imagine. It’s like being at the course, except with A/C.

They most likely display their signed memorabilia separated by which golf tournament they attended to get it. “The first row is from the Masters in ’03, the next shelf is from the Davis Cup in ’12. What a trip that was.”

Wheaties Box Collectors

Wheaties boxes are collectible, sure. With all the other items out there to have a room devoted to, it’s definitely different, but we don’t judge. In fact, we make a case specifically to hold those delicate boxes and keep them from damage. It’s like the opposite of judging. Enabling, really.

Is there a best type of memorabilia collection to have? Sure, it’s the one that you love and want to keep adding to. So don’t worry about what type of collection you have. Whether you’ve got Wheaties boxes or golf balls, baseballs or football helmets—or any other sports memorabilia—we’ve got you covered with a case for it.

Check out the selection online, and you’re almost guaranteed to find a case that works for your collection.