It’s Not Just A Ball, It’s Your Story

Published on: May 23, 2017

At BallQube, we know a thing or two about collecting memorabilia. It’s what we do, and it’s why we started building our legendary cases for other collectors.

What does that mean, though, memorabilia? The dictionary definition tells us that memorabilia is an object “kept or collected because of their historical interest, especially those associated with memorable people or events.”

But is that it? Is it just an object? Just a ball that you picked up years ago and still hold on to for “historical interest?” We don’t think so, and that’s because we know that it’s more than just a ball—it’s your story.

Remember the day you got that autograph? Your dad took you to the game two hours early so you could get down to the field level for BP. You were leaning over the wall, holding out your ball while jammed in between two bigger kids. For a few minutes you thought he’d never grab your ball, but suddenly he turned back your way, took it from your hand, and scribbled that great signature before handing it back.

Or maybe you’d spent a year or two searching around for the autograph you wanted, getting outbid, and generally feeling like you could never afford the astronomical prices that the final bids reached. But your sister’s husband is friends with a guy who owns a car dealership and sold a car to your favorite childhood player. And it turns out he got a few things signed during the deal. Suddenly you’re in luck, and it feels like the whole search has been worth it, all the ups and downs, and all the narrowly missed balls. Now this one’s yours.

Every sports memorabilia collector has a story like this. When they look at that ball sitting safe and sound up on the mantle, it all comes rushing back. Whether it was a childhood memory that makes you smile when you think about Dad, or a lucky break that makes you shake your head in amazement, your ball is more than just leather and laces, it’s your story.

We get it. We know because we’ve got plenty of stories of our own wrapped up in balls, bats, and jerseys that we’ve treasured for years. And that’s why we’re always working hard to provide you (and ourselves) with the clearest, most durable protection for those treasures.

Whether you need to protect them from your 7-year-old’s friend Ben, who drops everything he touches, or just from the UV rays that can fade away your autograph, we’ve got you covered at BallQube. Over the years we’ve developed the best cases for holding your memorabilia. Tough, stackable, and always made in America, these are the cases that you need to hold all your precious memorabilia. Because they represent the memories and relationships that you treasure so much.