Best Tips For Convincing Players To Give You An Autograph

Published on: September 7, 2017

How to Convince Players To Give You An Autograph

Collecting autographed memorabilia is one of the most fun and rewarding hobbies that anyone can participate in. Whether you start while you’re in middle school, or as an adult, there’s nothing like the thrill of a holding a piece of autographed memorabilia that you’ve been after for years. At BallQube, we understand that joy, and we’re always trying to help collectors build bigger and better collections. So whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, check out these tips for convincing players to give you an autograph.

Getting An Autograph At The Game

If You Want An Autograph, Get There Early

This is pretty much the number one rule for getting autographs from players. If you’re at the baseball stadium when the gates open, you’ve got a chance to rush down to the field and see if your favorite player has some time to sign during BP or warm ups. If you arrive when the stadium is already packed, well, it’s going to be much tougher. You’ve got to get down to the field level, which won’t be as easy, and even then the players are probably focused on the game—not handing out autographs.

This goes for nearly every sport, not just baseball. Basketball arenas, football stadiums, and hockey rinks all have rules regarding when you can and can’t be down near the ground level looking for autographs.

Don’t Be Pushy

It’s easy to get a little impatient when your favorite player is handing out autographs. After all, who knows when he’ll stop signing? But try not to get pushy. Instead just keep that arm out and hope for the best. Sometimes a closer fan will help you out by relaying your item to the player. But especially if you’re an adult, it’s not a great look to be squeezing past others and generally making yourself stand out in a bad way. That’s a recipe for getting passed over when your moment finally comes.

Come Prepared For An Autograph

It probably doesn’t hurt to have on the player’s jersey that you’re about to ask for an autograph. But realistically, you can’t buy a jersey for every single autograph you want. Still, show up in the right team colors, have your item ready to sign, and bring a sharpie. There’s nothing worse than being in the perfect position for an autograph, but having nothing for the player to sign with.

Through The Mail

Hand Write Your Letter

It may take a little longer, and you’ll probably have to cross out a misspelled word or two, but writing your request by hand shows that you really care. It’s a more personal touch, and that matters to a player who get hundreds of requests. A typed letter, even if it’s personalized, just isn’t the same. No one is going to be excited about responding to a form letter that looks like the names have just been swapped out. Talk about a specific play or game that you enjoyed watching. Just a little something to show them you’re a real fan.

Finding The Address

This may be more difficult if your favorite player is retired, but the internet is an excellent resource. Many players are still involved in charity work or other high-profile employment. You can probably find an address with a little digging. If the player is active, or has transitioned to coaching, you can mail your request in care of his team. For example, at, you can find all the addresses for the major league teams. The same goes for other pro sports leagues.

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