Why Sports Moms Know All That Driving is Worth It

Published on: August 31, 2017
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According to a study by AAA, Americans spend more than 290 hours per year driving! There is one group of Americans who believe all that driving is completely worth it – sports moms. Sports moms know the benefits of having their kids in sports far outweigh the extra time on the road. Here’s why.

Sports Keep Kids Entertained

When kids participate in sports, they’re in a safe and structured environment. If a child enjoys their sport, they find it exciting and look forward to the next practice. Kids who participate in sports are less likely to sit down in front of the TV, play video games, or do drugs.

Sports may also lead to other related hobbies like collecting sports memorabilia. Many of the qualities of children who play sports, such as dedication and patience, are also characteristics of sports memorabilia collectors. It makes sense that sports enthusiasts also enjoy collecting memorabilia from their favorite sport.

Sports are Good for Your Health

Americans are well aware of the rise in childhood obesity. There are two main contributing factors: poor diet and lack of exercise. Sports are a great way to help combat a lack of physical activity and the kids will have fun with their friends while they’re exercising. Many sports have the added benefits of combining physical activities to help kids build their core strength, balance, and coordination.

Sports Teach Valuable Life Lessons

Dedication, teamwork, and good sportsmanship are essential life skills. On the individual level, sports require consistent practice in order to master skills. For team sports, everyone on the team is working towards a collective goal. They want to win! Kids must learn how to work effectively as a team if they want to reach their goal. If they don’t win, then they must learn how to be gracious losers and recognize that even if they didn’t win, they had fun and made a lot of friends.

Sports Create Memories that Will Last a Lifetime

Do you remember your first Little League coach? The relationships developed through bonding with teammates and coaches are like none other. They are strengthened by the many hours of hard work and practice put in over the months and sometimes years a child spends with their teammates.

What about the time you got your first hat trick? Is that puck tucked away in a special case? That memory will last forever because of the dedication required to develop the skills necessary to score goals when it counts.

Sports Can Lead to Better Grades

While playing sports, kids learn to take instruction from authority figures. This makes them more receptive to following instructions from anyone, including their teachers. Following instructions leads to managing time in order to get tasks done, and completing tasks leads to better retention and better grades. There are studies that show participation in sports increases the likelihood that kids will pursue advanced education.

Not only are sports great for kids because of the entertainment value, but participating in sports also improves physical fitness, teaches valuable life lessons, contributes to a lifetime of memories, and helps improve grades. To protect any memorabilia your kids collect while they’re enjoying all the benefits sports have to offer, BallQube has a great selection of display cases.