Showcasing Your Collectibles

Published on: December 8, 2017

Are you a collector? Is it sports memorabilia? Novelty teapots? Action figures? Exotic seashells? Vintage shoes? Antique cameras? Snow globes? Old typewriters? Music boxes? Watches? Hot Wheels diecast cars? Old school Strawberry Shortcake dolls? Dried flower arrangements?

Maybe you don’t even think of yourself as a collector, but maybe you have a certain special “something” you’d like to display while also protecting it from dust, handling, or fade-inducing UV light? (Like your child’s favorite stuffed animal, or the ballet shoes from your daughter’s first dance recital, or the baseball glove still in storage from your husband’s college glory days.)

At BallQube, we make display cases for your cherished collectibles. If you collect it, chances are, we’ve got the perfect size case for it. There’s lots of reasons why BallQube is a great choice for your most display-worthy stuff:

1. Multiple sizes for just the right fit. From small to larger size collectibles, we’ve got a case to fit almost anything you can think of. Whether you want to display something as small as a golf ball or something as big as a 1930’s table top radio, we make a case for it.

2. Stackability. Our stackable display cases let you build and curate your own collection. Whether that’s just two pieces or twenty, BallQube lets you mix and match to create custom display cases with vertical, horizontal, or even pyramid configurations to suit your preference and imagination. We know one customer who actually created a sleek coffee table from an assortment of our largest BallQubes that doubled as a display case for the multiple dried flower arrangements she placed inside.

3. Transparency. Our cases are crystal clear to provide a completely unobstructed view from all angles. This feature is also a big win when it comes to the combination of curious kids and collectables you don’t want directly handled. With the BallQube, kids (and adults) can satisfy their curiosity to examine an item from any direction without having to handle and potentially damage or dirty the valuable collectible inside.

4. UV Protection. Over time, even indirect sunlight can damage your treasured collectibles by fading their color and even compromising their structural integrity. BallQube protects your collectibles by blocking the harmful UV light that can damage them.

5. Gifting. BallQubes are great for giving. Whether you present someone with a BallQube case for displaying an already beloved item, or surprise them with a BallQube containing an item you know they’re sure to love, BallQubes make wonderfully thoughtful gifts.

At BallQube, we make beautiful, protective, transparent display cases for sports memorabilia and so much more. As you make your holiday gift list, especially if you’re gifting someone with a keepsake, think about giving it in a BallQube to preserve its beauty and safeguard its pristine condition for years to come.